About Donna Lou

I love big! My faith in… God, the power of Family & my passion for Life are the driving forces behind my motivation to overcome everyday obstacles. I am a working, single momma (if that’s what you want to call it) who has a family that stands in the gap for me & my son. I have a love for words and will soon become an Author. Until then…I blog and keep a non public journal (since the age of twelve). Can you say twenty-five years post breast cancer? Yup! That is me. I slam dunk fear (although, I do tend to hang on to the rim suspended in mid-air at times) and I want to live each day to the fullest. What’s next? I want to contribute…leave a legacy to my son and for my family. I want to leave non-carbon footprints in society and roll out change in my community. Come with me and enjoy the ride as I continue to discover what matters most & what life is about…Faith, Hope & Love!

5 Responses to About Donna Lou

  1. bfowler24 says:

    Donna you are a GREAT mother.. I am glad I have ya in my life really I mean that from my heart.. You have helped me so much and taught me how to treat women the correct way along with having a open heart to others even in rough times.. With all the talks we have had you showed me to always stay strong,determine,and never give up on my hopes and dreams and keep God first.. love ya much

  2. Helen says:

    Ms. Donna Lou,

    You are a “Phenomenal Woman”. You have a knack for making those around you feel special.
    Your positive energy is contagious! I just want to thank you for sharing your special gift with us.
    Love Helen

  3. Megan Ebor says:

    Donna Lou,

    I remember visiting you with my new-born son 8 years ago… You had a way of speaking words of encouragment without even knowing it… While I appeared strong and confident in my new role as a momma, the truth is that I was scared and shakin’ in my boots… You spoke to me as if I were a pro and I had no choice but to follow that lead! I’m glad Dylan is 15 … this will enable you to work out all of the kinks of motherhood for me and my 3 sons… I think your blog is awesome… but then again, anything you do is AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing your amazing story and insight in your blog DRIVING DYLAN!!!

  4. Carol Lyle says:

    Glad to have discovered your blog. I enjoy your writing, its clear and sincere and an inspiration.
    You have a gift for writing. Wishing you success with you book.

    • drivingdylan says:

      Thank you Carol! Very much appreciated…I have a big smile on my face and in my heart. I’ll be sure to ping you when the book is published. The absolute best to you.

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