About Donna Lou

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I carried him 9 months, he was born at 9am on the 26th day of the 6th month in 1995. If you add up all of those numbers and multiply it by 1 million, you will not even come close to the sum total of miles I’ve driven since he was placed in my car at the hospital. I knew we were going home but I hadn’t prepared for what would happen next or the day after that. You may think this blog is all about Motherhood and you are not too far from the truth but it’s not just about me and my son Dylan. It’s really about the distance traveled from the birthing room to the “womb of my heart” (again and again) by way of an invisible umbilical cord. This blog is also about the roads yet traveled and places to which I’ll never return due to age, wisdom and/or end of life. Driving Dylan is the theme music for my journey – it’s the external compass marked by the stars (success) & my stripes (scars) on my chest. Motherhood taught me how to find my way without direction. I’ve learned how to excavate the reservoir within to quench my thirst. In the process, I not only raised a baby boy to a man but I discovered the little girl who was gasping for life inside of me. Each part of me/us (baby, child & adult) are now connected as we traverse through the rough terrain to make our way to our eternal home. The second half of my life has begun.

I updated my About Me a few days out from turning 50 years old (September 19). Given all that has changed along the way, two things remain the same: My life is a testimony and my faith has been tested again and again. Yet, I have 50 more reasons to love bigger, laugh harder and sing louder (even if off tune). I always told my son, for every birthday, you are assigned an additional angel in Heaven. I’ll call my 50th angel GRACE. What breast cancer did not kill or steal (over 27 years ago), I have recycled. The next half of my life is all about planting and sowing. I trust God for the Harvest. I hear the dreams of my father, witness the bravery of my mother, pray for the revealing of the gifts within my son and I see the hope of what’s to come. Along the way, I celebrate my life, embrace my beautiful family, love on my amazing husband, hold the delicate hand of my sweet mother, cherish my friendships and reclaim every promise sealed in the womb. If you want to find me, follow the shoreline and look for the big little girl with the sunglasses on. There, I can be found, caught up in the waves of rebirth.



5 Responses to About Donna Lou

  1. bfowler24 says:

    Donna you are a GREAT mother.. I am glad I have ya in my life really I mean that from my heart.. You have helped me so much and taught me how to treat women the correct way along with having a open heart to others even in rough times.. With all the talks we have had you showed me to always stay strong,determine,and never give up on my hopes and dreams and keep God first.. love ya much

  2. Helen says:

    Ms. Donna Lou,

    You are a “Phenomenal Woman”. You have a knack for making those around you feel special.
    Your positive energy is contagious! I just want to thank you for sharing your special gift with us.
    Love Helen

  3. Megan Ebor says:

    Donna Lou,

    I remember visiting you with my new-born son 8 years ago… You had a way of speaking words of encouragment without even knowing it… While I appeared strong and confident in my new role as a momma, the truth is that I was scared and shakin’ in my boots… You spoke to me as if I were a pro and I had no choice but to follow that lead! I’m glad Dylan is 15 … this will enable you to work out all of the kinks of motherhood for me and my 3 sons… I think your blog is awesome… but then again, anything you do is AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing your amazing story and insight in your blog DRIVING DYLAN!!!

  4. Carol Lyle says:

    Glad to have discovered your blog. I enjoy your writing, its clear and sincere and an inspiration.
    You have a gift for writing. Wishing you success with you book.

    • drivingdylan says:

      Thank you Carol! Very much appreciated…I have a big smile on my face and in my heart. I’ll be sure to ping you when the book is published. The absolute best to you.

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