My Story – My Journey. I am almost  finished with my book. My first draft is due March 31. It’s been a long, exhausting and necessary process but I am grateful for the reveal. My vision boards are living work spaces. Unlike any other prime real estate, I own this domain by default. I have this creative urge to share my writing space and my writing process. More importantly – I want to encourage our voices – to sing – whether it’s our story boards – words on page or pictorial journals…set it free. I am excited about the dreams – stories and discoveries that live in the corner of my bedroom on the “String of Life”. We are either confined or released by the chords of string  (what binds us together) – I choose to set my self free: to create, to share and to inspire. No matter how long – how difficult and no matter how impossible it may seem – just know – life is waiting for you to “Show and Tell.”Show and Tell Pic 032715


About DrivingDylan

Life after Birth: My journey through the "Womb of the Heart".
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One Response to SHOW & TELL

  1. Summerville says:

    Beautiful. Create! I love you!

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