Faith Whisperer

A part of me is always dream walking. I consider this state of mind to be a divine interruption that has been cultivated over the years to protect me from living a fractured life. It’s the internal dialogue that steps in to override inauthentic conversation. I can only be awakened from this dream state when I am seated in the womb of God’s creation. My soul thirsts for a communal exchange with nature. It’s my birthing room – something kindred to an eternal beginning. Nature is the place that beckons my soul – just as a mother calls the name of her newborn child. There is a deep sense of knowingness that overcomes my being when I witness the flight of butterflies and their graceful descent or when I hear unseen birds singing under the cloak of tree leaves.

With every experience I’ve encountered through nature, I am reminded that life is waiting on me to show up. Yesterday afternoon pierced my dream state with an intense beauty of wonder, hope and possibility. So much so that it relinquished the key to a hidden door in my spirit. What I know and I what I believe were merged into an ornate entry – gilded with my name – Divine Intervention 032115etched over the archway. With key in hand, I simply needed to be present at the door to command it’s opening. All of my life experiences have carried me to this moment: The living inheritance of my parents’ wisdom, the ancestral bond with my siblings and the invisible umbilical cord to my son. From a broken body to a broken heart, I’ve climbed out of the depth loss. Yet, there is one thing required of me. It whispers my name and invites me to enter in. It only asks for one thing in return…FAITH!

~Donna Lou

It’s my hope for whomever may be reading this entry that you find your sacred dwelling place. Let it speak to you and for you. I would love to know how you find your voice in a world full of clashing melodies. Let’s keep inspiring one another.


About DrivingDylan

Life after Birth: My journey through the "Womb of the Heart".
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