“The Dash”

This blog post is riding the heels of loss while flying through the myriad intersections of change accompanied by the painful discovery of gravity. Simply, what goes up – must come down. This includes, familial relationships, valuable careers, brilliant ideas as well as flowers in full bloom – not all things that we cherish will last forever. After the death of my father, on November 12, 2011, my world crashed down.

I recall running in the dark of the night, down our residential street – looking for the red lights and listening out for the sirens. Yet, I could only hear my heart kicking my chest walls and I could only feel my spirit running behind me. The night my father passed away – I ran out of my body. I cannot begin to explain death & dying but I better understand how to live an abundant life now more than ever. As I transition through family and career changes, I am inspired by a life well lived. It’s “the dash” between my father’s life and death, 19302011, that symbolizes all the lives he changed and the community he impacted by way of sharing his talents and serving others. He lived fearlessly and that was his prayer for his all his children/grandchildren/great-grandchildren and for generations to come. This is what I believe contributes to an ABUNDANT Life:

  1. Finish Line Focus – Press on! The race is not given to the swift but he who endures until the end. This means, endure the moments, the trials and the challenges and embrace the new beginnings not just the end.
  2. Everything In Between – Hold tight to faith! Our vision can be blurred by setbacks and the obstacles that pinch our soul can defer our hope – but delay is not denial. We must hold fast to our dreams by claiming things not seen as though they are.
  3. What Matters Most – We win together! The thrill of victory and the seal of defeat require our participation. The question becomes…What will we choose? Who’s lives will our decisions impact? At each turn, there is opportunity to break new ground, speak new life and to accept an opportunity for growth.

Living fearlessly and giving infinitely are all possible with focus, faith and the touch of togetherness. The night my body crashed into death – my spirit dashed for the memories of a life well lived. I am inspired to continue my father’s legacy – life more abundantly.


About DrivingDylan

Life after Birth: My journey through the "Womb of the Heart".
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3 Responses to “The Dash”

  1. Sherri Guidry says:

    Donna, well written and said. Your father was a man who gave to so many others. The best thing is that you do have the memories. Some people don’t have a memory about his or her father or mother. Your father did so many good deeds in the community of Benton Harbor and other areas he traveled, lived and visited. What a blessing to know a man that cared and loved you dearly and a man you can call FATHER. I can only imagine the ROAD not being easy, but be assured that your father will be waiting to see you in HEAVEN. Take care and know there is healing for you in your writing and prayers.

  2. joseph Crayton says:

    I am taking this in , needed to hear this , thank you for continuing your fathers legacy well written.

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