Next Place?

On my flight home from Aruba (work/vacation), I reflected on the next place – next steps and where I am going. I knew that I was going home and returning to the workplace but there was something deeper inside of me – a longing for – a place – I have yet to discover. My initial thought was… I needed more “off-time” from work/family to research, discover and then, explore this new destination. However, this is not an option in my world. Over the past few years, I have spent so much time researching – planning & preparing that I delayed the journey through a form of disguised “resistance”. Towards the end of my vacation, this became more evident to me while reading Steven Pressfield’s “Do The Work”. The words on the page took my hand and lead me to a cliff and then said, “jump”.  Yeah, it really felt that way to me – like the next place for me was high off the ground and required me to test my wing span while jumping into my destiny (not to my demise) – lol. I am a professional encourager, promoter, and venture capitalist to all things I believe in – but, usually not to self. I believe in me at a distance – when it feels safe enough to stumble or fall (behind closed doors) or when the only critic in the room – is me. I have post-it’s all over my bedroom wall with business plans & creative timelines and there are notes to self that fall out of cubby holes & filing cabinets filled with labeled folders of storylines, outlines, character descriptions, query letters, book proposals. This sort of feels like a confessional…well, it is – I must expose what I am hiding to get to the truth. I am home now – back to work (9-5) – still feeling a sense of urgency to go to the next place. Yet, as I write this blog, this very moment – I hear a world – not yet traveled – inside of me. This world does not require me to pack my bags or plan an itinerary of “things to do” and “places to visit” – it simply asks me to share – to give from within and to begin to color-in the biggest canvas yet – my life.  I have arrived at a place where I belong and among those who have been waiting for my action to match my passion. Motherhood has taught me how to nurture others but life’s challenges are teaching me how to love and trust myself. So, today – I publish this blog & I jump. I’m not looking back (less reflection) – just looking ahead & within. Okay, so here it goes… stroke #1 on my “life” canvas – meet Donna Lou – the writer – every day in a sacred place.


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Life after Birth: My journey through the "Womb of the Heart".
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3 Responses to Next Place?

  1. Judy says:

    I hope u don’t mind me reading your blog but I find it fascinating when ppl have blogs. I have two cousins that have them. I am a fan of your brother n his fam. I loved the way you explained your life. I am glad u published and jumped. 🙂 God bless u

  2. Robin says:

    Oh my!!!! What a BLESSING this was for me to read this!!!! Thank you Donna!! This speaks for a lot of us! Please continue writing and sharing. You put down in words where I am. “Next Place” is so refreshing, inspiring and encouraging … I too am ready to Jump! I truly love u my sister, friend.
    Coninue to write and paint that canvas . You are BEAUTIFUL… Thank you, Thank you, Thank you….wow… thank you ❤ . May God continue to BLESS you with EVERY GOOD thing… even life's challenges though sometimes hard is proving to be "good things" 🙂

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