Finding Our Way Back

We travel to the Bay Area – again…this time for good news! Last time – it was surgery. I pray Dylan is healing and that his life will resume with the plans he had back in December before his ankle injury. I cannot imagine what he has gone through emotionally and my heart hurts for every pain he has experienced physically. This injury has changed our lives significantly. Our trip this week is a quick turnaround – a one day in and out visit. We leave and come right back but I wonder…will we be the same when we return? Can we accept the findings from the x-ray…even, if the healing has begun – can we accept the work ahead to heal completely and will we trust the body the way we did before? Coming home will be easy but finding our way back to our dreams, our imagination and our faith will be the question of the day – how? I trust that God’s significant direction in our lives will lead us to an undiscovered road. I pray we not only find our way back but that we find a miracle in the process. Maybe, a piece of ourselves – lost along the way or possibly – untapped strength nestled in the heartache of setbacks -but even greater – an outlook on life that beckons us to run past fear, find a new path and enjoy the journey.


About DrivingDylan

Life after Birth: My journey through the "Womb of the Heart".
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