Reach Up

On the heels of a wonderful 43rd birthday celebration, I seem to feel this sense of urgency. Dylan wrote me a poem that touched the depth of my heart. The theme for this occasion was “love.” I feel loved. So much love in my life that I have to produce or it will be in vain…I must extend the love. How? I gotta create. I have to give back.

There is a part of me reaching even when I am sitting still…my yearning for something more is so deep – that it feels distant and set apart from me. Yet, I have a sense that is it the higher part of my being. I keep thinking I gotta jump higher than the next person or acquire some new skill set or possibly recreate myself but really…that’s not it. I hear a whisper of reason that is almost to simple to believe…it tells me to just reach out and get it. Thanks to all my family & my loved ones who inspire my 43inch vertical. I promise…I will.


About drivingdylan

This blog is inspired by my journey through faith, hope, love and all the things in between. The Donna Lou road trip!
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