Please Believe

I spent too much time trying to run away from myself and from those who loved me –  in pursuit of what I thought was better. Looking back, I see what was missing – internal belief…in spite of what the world looks like around us and yet… still being able to size up goals with dreams while conquering the voice of fear & resistance. This is what I want for my son and every young person.  My parents desired the same for me. So here I am at the intersection…waiting, listening, praying and observing. As a mother, I am at a red light but I believe that what it on the other side will increase our expectations & vision. This ruby red forced stop – feels uncomfortable but it is part of the road.

I wait and I trust – that we are moving, changing and growing.

Green Light – Go!


About DrivingDylan

Life after Birth: My journey through the "Womb of the Heart".
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