Drive By

Dylan turned 15 in June. Yes, fifteen years into the game of parenting and I am still a newbie but I show up and represent each day. I did another drive by today…which is dropping him off curbside in the parking lot for B-ball workout. Yup! Basketball in Southern California is year around…not to mention parties, friends hangin at the house, mall time & trying to keep enough milk & cereal in stock to feed his need to eat every 20 mins.. My life seems like one big Drive By…to fast food, work and running errands. Now, he keeps talking about a permit to drive and I keep looking in the rearview mirror thinking about all of the moments that are behind us. I am overwhelmed by that thought alone – not to mention a host of other stuff that comes to mind with the potential of a teenager on the road. Not sure when I let go of the steering wheel and let him drive but this seems to be an ongoing metaphor for me and Dylan as well as for our lives as we grow closer by allowing more distance between us.

I do not claim to have this parent thing figured out and I do not have advice for the weary but I invite you to share my world and ride out with me into the sunset of life – where ever that might take us. I need this blog to inspire, provoke & encourage authentic dialogue amongst my people. Who are my people? Those who can relate or be bold enough to take creative liberty to say…I cannot relate but this is what I am thinking. Here’s the deal…I am daily trying to make my next move – my best move with a teenage son in tow. I promise to be honest when I am not lying to myself and I promise to keep it real when I ain’t feelin fake…Ya know! Now, lets ride!


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Life after Birth: My journey through the "Womb of the Heart".
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7 Responses to Drive By

  1. drivingdylan says:

    Can somebody out there tell me how to let go?

    • Beverly Dudley says:

      u cant. but u have to trust urself that u have given him the best roll model (yourself) u come from great parents I know because we stayed across the street on Britain. just know and trust in jesus. everything, that was laid down to you u took that as a child and tranform that into an adult. everyone around ur world look up to u. I dont know u as an adult or what the world u grew up was like but I knew u as a child and what ur parents did for u. so far it looks as though u knew the right road to take and ur son will do the same, I have four childrens they turn out great men and women. one has a master degree in businessness, one nurse,one fire fighter and the other one still working on her. like u siting on the other side of the car my nerves are shaking but I will trust in jesus that he will get us through.

      • drivingdylan says:

        Thanks so much for the encouragement – Wow! You have four children – beautiful lady. I will keep these words close by…Cheers to you! Love ya lady!

  2. Cecil D says:

    From Fairplain Northwest, to now you are a Class Act and a remarkable writer, Donna, With God you know the impossible is possible, Thank you for the uplifting words… Rev. is truly missed!

  3. Tony Bracy says:

    I wish I was there for every moment… Never stopped loving you D! I’m so proud of you!!!!!!!!!

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